Information and communications technology

A thriving industry


Information and communications technology (ICT) is an industry with enormous potential and in which Argentina is very well positioned, with important incentives for companies that start or establish here.

Castro Sammartino & Pierini has great expertise in counseling information and communications technology companies.

Our services cover all the aspects related to the industry, such as:

  • Design of the best corporate structure for the domestic market, as well as the setting up of controlling or controlled entities in foreign jurisdictions, and the exportation of their services;
  • Export of services
  • Development, licensing, agency, and distribution agreements;
  • Services for third parties agreements;
  • Knowledge-Based Economy Promotion Regime;
  • Fiscal Benefits
  • Trademarks, domain names and copyrights;
  • Labor issues, in general and specifically related to the industry´s personnel (teleworking, on call duties, services for third parties, etc.).

  Castro Sammartino & Pierini with your company, to be better, always.

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