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You may need a lawyer at some stage or situation of your life. And Castro Sammartino & Pierini will make that experience easy for you, with empathy, striving for understanding your feelings and needs, and guiding you through your legal options in an affordable way.
From moving in with a partner, getting married and choosing your asset regime, buying or renting your home, protecting your children and yourself in cases of separation or divorce, evaluating an employment contract or coping with workplace situations, build a family business, retiring and planning for your succession, drafting a will, making a bequest, conducting a probate procedure, or dealing with unfortunate events, we are here to help you legally addressed issues of these kinds.

Over the years, Castro Sammartino & Pierini has been providing legal advice and representation for individuals and families in virtually all areas of law, including family law, real estate law, business law, probates, wills and bequests, estate planning, personal injuries, property damages, employment, and conflict resolutions and litigation.

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How to set up a representative office of a foreign not-for-profit organization in Argentina

Not-for-profit organizations in Argentina are governed by the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation (Book I, Title II). Furthering the set up of these legal entities of the common good, the Public Registry of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires allows a foreign not-for-profit organization to establish and develop its activities in the country through a representative office.

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