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Complaints, but in their fair measure

 Consumers of products and services have the right to a fair and dignified treatment, to adequate and truthful information; to freedom of choice, and to many other protections that arise from different legal bodies, federal, provincial and municipal.

However, the broad legal protection enjoyed by consumers often makes claims capricious and abusive.

1) Defense of companies against consumer claims

Castro Sammartino & Pierini advise companies on issues related to consumers and commercial loyalty, including e-commerce, and the liability that may arise from infringments of consumer protection regulations. Whether the claims come from the consumers themselves, control agencies, or consumer protection associations.

2) Dispute resolution and litigation

We assist and represent companies in administrative claims and litigation arising out of consumer claims or consumer relations control agencies.

3) Compliance audits (business health check)

We perform legal audits on the way the company relates with consumers to solve or prevent legal problems.

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