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Proper documentation of operations and agreements is essential for good business management, helping prevent issues that, otherwise, might turn out into conflicts down the road.

Everything you do not foresee, agree on and implement beforehand will produce uncertainty and problems in case of dispute, with costly delays and judicial processes whereby someone will end up deciding for you.

Castro Sammartino & Pierini advise on private contracts – domestics or internationals –, and contracts with federal, provincial or county agencies, assisting in the negotiation, implementation, amendments, performance of obligations, claims, and termination of contracts.

Some of our services in this area include:

1) Agreements between private parties

  • Commercialization contracts (agency, concession, distribution, franchising);
  • Associative contracts (common participation in businesses, collaboration groups, joint ventures, cooperation consortiums);
  • Formation of companies and agreements between partners for the prevention and resolution of conflicts;
  • Movable property agreements;
  •  Real estate contracts (purchase and sale, lease, gratuitous loan, building);
  • Service contracts;
  • Collaterals (personal guarantees, mortgages, pledges);
  • Trusts;
  • Insurances;
  • Purchase and sale of shares, quotas and controlling holdings;
  • Transfer of going concerns;
  • Consumer contracts;
  • Drafting of general terms and conditions of contract.

2) Agreements with the State

  • Advice on procurement and public bids, and all kinds of contracts with federal, provincial or town government and agencies.

3) Dispute resolution and litigation

  • Assistance and representation in disputes arising out of contractual matters.

4) Compliance audits (business health check)

  • Performance of legal audits on the management of your contracts to solve or prevent legal problems.

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