Making your business more predictable

Proper documentation of operations and agreements is essential for good business management, helping prevent issues that, otherwise, might turn out into conflicts down the track. Everything you do not contemplate, agree on and implement beforehand will produce uncertainty and problems in case of dispute, with costly delays and judicial processes whereby someone will end up deciding for you.

 Castro Sammartino & Pierini advise clients on private contracts – domestics or internationals –, and contracts with federal, provincial or county agencies.

As for the private contracts, we assist our clients in the negotiation, drafting, amendments, performance of obligations, claims and termination of all of their contracts, such as:

•    Commercialization contracts (agency, concession, distribution, franchising);

•    Associative contracts (joint businesses, collaboration groups, joint ventures, cooperation consortiums);

•    Movable property and real estate contracts (purchase and sale, lease, commodate, building);

•    Service contracts;

•    Guarantees (personal guarantees, mortgages, pledges);

•    Trusts;

•    Insurances;

•    Transfer of going concerns;

•    Share purchase agreements;

•    Consumer contracts;

•    Others (supply, transport, etcetera).

Regarding state contracts, we usually participate in

public procurements and tendering offers in public biddings, and render advice on public-private participation agreements (PPP) and other administrative agreements).

 Castro Sammartino & Pierini can draft, negotiate and review all your business agreements so that your company runs smoothly, and achieve your business goals with a minimum of risk. We can also assist you if conflicts do arise, helping your company transact them, or litigating to defend its rights.

  Castro Sammartino & Pierini with your company, to be better, always.

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