Helping you and your loved ones

Relationships do not always work out the way one would have liked.

Procreation can be evasive, marriages and couples break up, children need to be taken care of and supported.

Whether you seek an adoption, need to figure out a divorce or separation, secure the children´s support, or pursue a monetary redress because of the divorce or separation, we may help you come to terms with the situation, and make the best possible decisions, so that the members of the family suffer the least with the changes and are properly protected.

We can advise you on or advocate for you in many family law issues, including:

  • Prenuptial agreements;
  • Divorces;
  • Separations of cohabiting partners;
  • Children´s custody and alimony;
  • Communication with the children;
  • Spousal, cohabiting partners and relatives support;
  • Asset divisions;
  • Monetary compensation for divorce or cohabitation ending;

  Castro Sammartino & Pierini with you to be better, always.

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How to set up a representative office of a foreign not-for-profit organization in Argentina

Not-for-profit organizations in Argentina are governed by the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation (Book I, Title II). Furthering the set up of these legal entities of the common good, the Public Registry of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires allows a foreign not-for-profit organization to establish and develop its activities in the country through a representative office.

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