Legal vehicles to do business in Argentina

Doing business in a foreign country requires a thorough knowledge of the different environments the venture will be immerse in. Within the legal environment, to choose the right vehicle to do business is essential for many issues, being limitation of liabilities, tax structure and repatriation of investment just a few of them. Our report Legal vehicles to do business in Argentina will explain these issues.

Argentine Law offers different commercial companies to choose among, although foreign investors almost always use branches or subsidiaries (either sociedades anónimas – some sort of corporations – or sociedades de responsabilidad limitada) to operate in the country. Following, we will review their basic features and the company incorporation procedures to be followed to set up one of these legal structures in Argentina.

Legal vehicles to do business in Argentina is a report specially prepared for foreign clients and correspondents law firms. If you wish to receive a copy of the report, please, send us an email filling in the form below. To know more about please visit Who We are.

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