International Franchising in Argentina: new contribution of Castro Sammartino & Pierini

Castro Sammartino & Pierini, Attorneys at Law, announce the publication of the first edition of International Franchising 2016:  Legal and Business Considerations, a comprehensive reference guide for lawyers, business people and academics to use in navigating the legal and business issues impacting franchise arrangements throughout the world.  This new volume covers Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

Mario Eduardo Castro Sammartino from Castro Sammartino & Pierini, Attorneys at Law, authored the Argentina chapter in this 590-page publication and worked with Nixon Peabody franchise partner Kendal Tyre, based in Washington, D.C., who developed and edited the book. The publication was a collaboration of more than 70 other lawyers around the globe.  

International Franchising 2016, published by LexNoir Foundation, highlights issues encountered when drafting international franchise agreements, and covers local law governing franchise arrangements in 41 jurisdictions. In those chapters devoted to a specific country, a legal expert in the designated jurisdiction addresses the basic issues that a franchise lawyer must know to competently advise a client in expanding its franchise system to that particular country.  Many of the guidelines provided by local, foreign counsel are more broadly applicable to other types of cross-border agreements and transactions.

[For more information about the book and to view a video trailer of the book, please click here]

About Castro Sammartino & Pierini, Attorneys at Law

Castro Sammartino & Pierini, Attorneys at Law, is a comprehensive and wide-ranging Argentinean law firm, serving clients throughout Argentina, Latin America and globally by means of its broad network of correspondent law firms in major cities. Our goal is to provide high-quality and bespoke legal services to our clients, advising and representing them as we would want to be advised and represented ourselves.

About Nixon Peabody LLP

Nixon Peabody LLP is recognized as a “Global 100” law firm—one of the largest in the world with international offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and London, England. At Nixon Peabody, we see the law as a tool to help shape our clients’ futures. We are constantly thinking about what is important to our clients now and next so we can foresee obstacles and opportunities in their space and smooth the way. We work together to handle complex challenges in litigation, real estate, corporate law, intellectual property and finance anywhere in the world.

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