Why choose us?

Because we do not look for occasional clients, we build relationships

Through personal, practical and cost-effective advice, we build long-term relationships with our clients, based upon understanding and care for your interests and needs. It comes to no surprise then that may of our clients have trusted your business and families for decades.

Because we make law plain and simple

We want you to understand your problem and get straight answers. You are not to be at a loss with legalese or a process you do not understand but only fear.

Because we make easy to hire a lawyer

Either you want one-off advice, work with us on a project basis, hire our day-to-day advice, or commit us with solving a concrete issue, we will be happy to find the best working relationship with you, customized to your real needs. Fixed fees, time billed or contingency fees are some of the fee arrangements we may put in place.

Because we care

Should you have not made up your mind yet, and wish an initial no-obligation meeting or conversation to know more about how we can help your business, your family or yourself, please, let us know.

  Castro Sammartino & Pierini with you and your company to be better, always.

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