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Having continued the long-standing industry track record of Hugo A. Pierini † and his team, Castro Sammartino & Pierini health care practice enjoys an outstanding reputation in this area.

Among our clients are health insurance public entities, private professional entities that manage health systems for their members, health management companies, medical centers and providers, associations and confederations of health service providers, mutual insurance companies, etc.

We provide comprehensive advice on regulatory issues of the industry and the relationship with the government agencies, contracts with public funders and other service providers, labor and union issues, as well as defense in health and medical malpractice claims for damages brought against our clients and their health professionals, or any other type of litigation affecting them.

Finally, we also participate in due diligences and structuring of transactions of companies within this, assisting, for example, in the purchase and sale of health companies and controlling shareholdings.

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Directors and legal representatives of foreign companies in Argentina: may they be non-residents?

To answer the question if directors and legal representatives of foreign companies in Argentina may be non residents, two different positions must be distinguished within the possible corporate structure incorporated in Argentina:
(a) The directors of a corporation or a simplified corporation ; and.
b) The legal representatives of a foreign company that is a shareholder of a corportion or a simplified corporation.

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