Thanks to the long experience of Hugo A. Pierini † and his team, Castro Sammartino & Pierini health care practice enjoys an outstanding reputation for its ability to keep pace with the numerous changes in the health care industry and to find creative solutions to the increasingly complex challenges facing health care providers.

We strive to keep our clients in compliance with the myriad of statutes and regulations applicable to the healthcare industry and vigorously defend them against illegal or unfair government treatment.

Additionally, our practice offers many years of experience advising healthcare clients in employment and Union-related matters, drafting and negotiating contracts with managed care organizations and government agencies and general corporate and business matters and litigation.

Finally, we have extensive expertise in defending clients against malpractice claims (either professionals or health care providers) before national and provincial courts.

Among our clients are hospitals, medical centers, welfare entities, associations and confederations of health service providers, physicians, and physicians’ organizations, provider associations, health maintenance organizations, etc.


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