Customs reforms in Argentina

by 25 Jan 2024Companies, Doing business in Argentina

The Emergency Decree N° 70/2023 (hereinafter, the Decree) has introduced important amendments to the Customs Code (Código Aduanero) and to the customs systems and procedures, to make imports and customs clearance simpler and more expedited.

Some of the reforms are:

a) The former and inefficient Import System of the Republic of Argentina (Sistema de Importaciones de la República Argentina, or SIRA) has been replaced by the so-called Import Statistical System (Sistema Estadístico de Importaciones, or SEDI).

The SEDI is a system of advanced information on import operations, allowing for an efficient analysis of the evolution of imports and the adoption of trade defense measures without hindering the productive sectors.

Through SEDI, those who import goods will anticipate the information related to their import destinations for consumption, and, once approved by all the agencies involved, it may be converted into one or more import dispatches.

It also eliminates the need to process licenses and permits to import;

b) Suppression of the importer/exporter registry: foreign trade may be conducted by any individual or entity holding a tax ID (Clave Única de Identificación Tributaria, or CUIT).;

c) Any legal entity or individual may perform imports without the need to require a customs broker;

d) Import clearance may be made up to 5 days prior to the arrival of the means of transport;

e) When customs officials are investigating the potential existence of a customs offense, they cannot halt the clearing process and must release the goods against the filing of a collateral. This does not apply in cases of goods whose importation is prohibited.

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