Terms of engagements

This document explains the general terms of your agreement in retaining us to represent you in connection with certain legal matters. Please examine and retain this statement at hand for future reference. Any written arrangement that differs from these Terms of Engagement set forth in an engagement letter to you supersedes these general terms. If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, ask your designated counsel.

Responsibility for your attention

One specific attorney will be designated to be principally responsible for the work we do on your behalf. The work may be performed by your designated counsel or by other lawyers and/or paralegals and/or additional staff in the firm as may be required by the specifics of your matter.

Our commitment

We are committed to representing your interests in the best possible way, however, the outcome cannot be guaranteed.

Our opinions and counsel are based upon your disclosures and on our understanding of the state of the law at the time they are expressed.

When you engage our firm for litigation purposes, you also authorize us to execute all neccesary legal tasks on your behalf but no settlement will be completed without your consent though.

Setting the fees

Together with you, we will discuss and find the fee scheme that best suits your special needs. Fees may be based upon the time and labor required, the novelty and difficulty of the questions involved, the skills required to perform legal services properly, the fee customarily charged in the locality for similar legal services, the amounts involved and the results we seek to obtain for you and the experience and abilities of the lawyer(s) performing the legal services.

On periodic basis, we review our costs of doing business. At that time, it may be necessary to implement a fee change to reflect current levels of legal experience, changes in overhead cost and other factors.

When asked to provide a quotation, we would be happy to furnish an estimate based upon our judgment and understanding of the facts and scope of the matter. An estimate, however, should not be considered a maximum or a fixed fee quotation. The actual charge payable by you may be more or less than the amount estimated based on the work performed.

Based upon the scope of legal work, an advance fee payment might be required.

Costs and expenses

In most matters, costs for third party services, will be billed to you directly by the third party provider. On occasion, these costs may be billed to and paid on your behalf by the firm and your reimbursement of these costs will be required to be paid in full on a monthly basis.

We do not charge for national long-distance telephone calls, facsimiles, national postage for correspondence or photocopy projects under one hundred pages per month. We may, however, charge you for any out-of-pocket expenses such as certain courier and delivery charges, judicial or administrative filing fees, color copies, travel expenses and outside experts and consultants (including accountants, public notaries, etc.).

Termination of services

You may terminate our representation at any time by notifying us in writing. Upon our discharge, you will be responsible for outstanding fees and costs. If there are fees and costs associated with terminating or transferring the work to others, you will be responsible for those as well. In contingency fee matters, a reasonable fee will be charged for all services we rendered through termination.

At times, circumstances may require or allow us to stop representing you, incluing but not limited to nonpayment of fees or costs, misrepresentation or failure to disclose material facts, action contrary to our advice and/or conflict of interest. We try to identify and discuss with you in advance, any situation which may lead to our withdrawal. If withdrawal ever becomes necessary, we will notify you when we reach that conclusion.

Let us know

We strive to satisfy you with high quality legal services and we appreciate knowing how you feel about our work. We encourage you to provide us with feedback by advising your designated attorney or one of our senior partners. Your comments will assist us to better serve all of our clients’ needs and desires.

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