Bankruptcies, reorganization proceedings and debt restructuring

When business is not sustainable

Castro Sammartino & Pierini is frequently retained by creditors in connection with bankruptcies and reorganization proceedings, submitting proof of debts, being in creditor’s committees, dealing with the acquisition of bankruptcy assets, foreclosure of mortgages, chattel mortgages, and other collaterals and related matters.

We also advise businesses with economic and financial difficulties on debt restructuring and out-of-court reorganization proceedings, finding ways to solve those issues so that you can get back to business.

In addition, we also cover other issues related to companies´ economic and financial difficulties, such as labor crisis prevention procedures, collective suspensions, and dismissals.


  Castro Sammartino & Pierini with your company, to be better, always.

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New Foreign Exchange Regulations in Argentina

The Argentine Executive Power, by means of the Urgency and Necessity Decree No. 609/2009, established new foreign exchange regulations in Argentina controlling certain aspects of the inflows, outflows, purchase of foreign currency and other transactions as of 1 September 2019. These regulations have been complemented and extended by additional regulations issued by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (Banco Central de la República Argentina, or BCRA after its Spanish acronym).

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