Not for profit organizations

Helping people organize themselves

Individual efforts are often not enough and people need to group together to achieve general welfare benefits for an entire group or community.

Castro Sammartino & Pierini help people achieve their collective goals by assisting them in setting up and managing Civil Associations, Federations, Confederations, Foundations, Mutuals, Permanent Representations of foreign nonprofit organizations, etc.

We also assist not for profit organizations in their day-to-day relationships with their associates and control agencies and third parties with whom they interact.

  Castro Sammartino & Pierini with you to be better, always.

From our Legal Blog

Human resources. Request for retirement in Argentina. Increase in age Continuation of services for the same employer, with or without interruption

Laboratories and other healthcare industry companies granting payments and benefits to physicians may face different liabilities under Argentine Law, calling for a cautious and thorough analysis before any marketing action based upon those gratuities is launched.
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