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Getting up and running a company can be very exciting and rewarding. But you should do it carefully, relying on legal expert advice from the ground up and at every stage, to avoid problem down the road and focus on what you do best and matter most: make your business prosper and grow.

Whether you are starting up a brand new company, buying an existing one, running, protecting selling or exiting your business, you need a preventive, responsive, plain and simple legal advice, with a bespoke approach and cost-effective, to best suit the specific company´s needs and your own.


Castro Sammartino & Pierini has great expertise in providing services to businesses of all sizes, from the smallest closely-held companies to large business entities, both domestic and multinationals.

Our expertise enables us to deal with all types of cases and issues, from routine to complex and extraordinary ones.

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New Foreign Exchange Regulations in Argentina

The Argentine Executive Power, by means of the Urgency and Necessity Decree No. 609/2009, established new foreign exchange regulations in Argentina controlling certain aspects of the inflows, outflows, purchase of foreign currency and other transactions as of 1 September 2019. These regulations have been complemented and extended by additional regulations issued by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (Banco Central de la República Argentina, or BCRA after its Spanish acronym).

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