Labor and social security

One of the key elements of business success today is a healthy employer-employee relationship. Employers must comply with a myriad of regulations and at the same time provide appealing benefits and working conditions to attract and maintain a stable work force. CASTRO SAMMARTINO & PIERINI understands the complexity of employment obligations and works with employers to meet these needs.

Argentina has a very complex and rigid system of labor and social security laws. Therefore, our practice in this field has not only a high degree of specialization but also creativity, since the needs of employers must comply with a regulatory system that remains inflexible in many respects.

Although we are most than prepared to litigate, our primary approach is to prevent conflicts and negotiate amicable solutions.

Our services in this area include:

  • Assistance in the negotiation and drafting of company labour agreements, collective bargaining agreements and individual labor agreements, and related disputes
  • Employment contracts for top management, including incentive and benefit packages
  • Management of work stoppages, strikes and other union-led actions
  • Expatriates personnel
  • Designing and implementing personnel policies, including incentive programs, and the restructuring of parent companies’ compensation packages to conform to local regulations
  • Designing and implementing downsizing policies, and the winding up of operations
  • Assistance in the negotiation and drafting of employment or independent contractor agreements
  • Employment stock option agreements and other executive remuneration plans
  • Social security counseling
  • Employment and social security litigation and mandatory settlement proceedings prior to labour litigation

Our office:

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