CASTRO SAMMARTINO & PIERINI have great expertise in providing services to businesses of all sizes, from the smallest closely held companies to large business entities either domestic or international.

Our expertise enables us to deal with all types of cases and issues, from routine to complex and extraordinary ones.

Some of the corporate services we provide are listed below:

Formation and compliance of business entities

CASTRO SAMMARTINO & PIERINI advises as to the appropriate form of business entity, designs and drafts articles of incorporations, charters and by – laws and register the companies before the Public Registry of Commerce and additional government agencies required for specific industries.

We also provide services to our business clients to maintain corporate standards and up-to-date minute books and documents and to keep compliance with all the requisites and filings required by the controlling government agencies.

Corporate governance

We provide full guidance on all areas of executive and board matters. Our services to business clients include legal advice with respect to:

  • Buy – sell shareholder agreements.
  • Shareholders, members, and directors minutes.
  • Shareholder agreements. Management agreements.
  • Dealing with dissident shareholders and executive terminations.
  • Advising on the obligations of directors, senior executives and controlling shareholders with respect to their legal duties.
  • Advising on the duties as it relates to transactions with the business entity, the use of material secret information, the taking of corporate opportunities and competition with the own company.
  • Advising on matters involving the management of the business, including the powers of senior executives and the board of directors.
  • Advising on the transfer of control of a business entity.
  • Advising on exit strategies, and handling company dissolutions and winding – ups.
  • Advising on stock option agreements and plans.

To finance growth, intellectual or industrial property developments and other transactions, companies obtain capital from different sources (angel investors, venture capital firms, banks, institutional investors, partners and the public capital markets). We render advice on all kind of vehicles to get financing, including structures such as convertible notes, common and preferred equity, debt instruments and other financing vehicles.

Mergers and acquisitions. Spin-offs

Our lawyers are qualified to handle transactions ranging from the smallest mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs for small businesses to complex, multi-party deals. We also may work cooperatively in these issues with other professionals, such as accountants, public notaries, auditors, etc., to best carry out the transaction involved.

Commercial transactions. Associative agreements

We handle all kind of issues related to transactions and agreements and contracts of any kind, either private or with government agencies. In addition, CASTRO SAMMARTINO & PIERINI is ready to help set up alternatives business non corporate structures, such as collaboration agreements, temporary grouping of companies, joint ventures agreements and cooperative consortiums.

Our office:

Tte. Gral. J. D. Perón 679, 3rd. Floor (C1038AAM) Buenos Aires – Argentina. Tel.: + 54 011 4326-5868 | 4326-5875 | 4328-6151 | Fax.: Ext. 102.