Designing your company and getting it started

Castro Sammartino & Pierini can advise on and assist you with laying the foundation of your company, helping you with:

  • Deciding if the company is going to have one or more partners, which is the best corporate type for the venture (corporation, limited liability company, simplified corporation, one or more companies for each of the business units), what its corporate purpose will be, and what share capital would be required according to its business plan;
  • Devising customized by-laws or organizational agreements, regulating, among other issues, the corporate governance and controls, and the restriction to transfer shares and quotas;
  • Executing the articles of incorporation, registering the company with the Public Registry, and filing for the additional government authorizations required for regulated activities;
  • In the case of foreign businesspersons or companies, registering with the Public Registry the branch or the foreign(s) company(s) to set up the local subsidiary business entity;
  • Implementing the corporate ruling governing in detail the board or management body´s operation;
  • Drafting shareholders or partnerships´ agreements to prevent conflicts. ;
  • Planning the succession for family businesses drafting the family protocol governing the relationships among the family, the company and the ownership;
  • Applying for trademarks, patents and other industrial and intellectual property rights;
  • Entering into ancillary agreements to set up the business (e.g. leasing facilities, construction contracts, employment agreements, commercialization contracts – agency, concession, distribution, franchising;
  • Granting the power of attorneys needed for running the business;
  • Getting the specific licenses to run the business for regulated activities.

  Castro Sammartino & Pierini with your company, to be better, always.

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Mandatory capital reduction and dissolution for loss of capital in Argentina: emergency suspension

Recession, high inflation, currency devaluation and application of the accounting adjustment for inflation, among other causes, may provoke that many companies must expose on their balance sheets relations that make them be incurred in the causes of mandatory capital reduction (Section 206 of the General Companies Law N 19,550, the Ley General de Sociedades or LGS, as amended) or dissolution for loss of capital (Section 94, subsection 5, of the LGS).

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Update on the corporate regime of Argentina: single-partner companies, simplified corporations, foreign companies, and some key issues to evaluate when legally organizing a business structure

In this opportunity, we will sum up the basics to be evaluated to set up a business structure, focusing on the corporation (“Sociedad Anonima”, or SA), the limited liability company (“Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada”, or SRL), and the simplified corporation (“Sociedad por Acciones Simplificada”, or SAS)

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